future plans

I have been having some thoughts recently about the team and have come up with a couple of new things to try

1.  Repin it day, shops would sign up and put a link into one of their pins they want to be promoted and the rest repin it to one of their own boards, anyway that is the gist of it

2.  BNR not sure on this one but I did run a very successful one on CraftBritannia when I was leader

Also I thought I would leave it until the autumn but then have a blitz on all the lurkers we have on the team.  I feel I need to be more proactive in this field also I want to put some rules in place about the min amount of activity on the team we would expect.  I had wanted it to be a free team without lots of rules but I think folk are taking advantage of this so I want to think about a few more rules would be good.  Its been hard work to get folk to heart the above item on the New listings thread but I am winning on this

Pam did write a lovely introduction to the team which I have not added yet, sorry Pam after you have taking the trouble to do it I have let you down abit by not implementing it.  So would you all please have a think and see what you all come up with